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I’m a bit miffed. Only one week after joining the club and enjoying my first ride (New Forest) I had my first major crash in over 10,000 miles of biking. Not just cuts and bruises of course, but 4 hours of major surgery required!

It all happened on March 31st at Knighton Shute. Rather than take the tarmac route, I chose a steep downhill across a grass field. I’d been through there before without any problems but this time I took a different line and found myself approaching a short vertical drop. With no chance of stopping, there was only one thing to do, jump it!

The take off was excellent - just like you see in the magazines. Sadly the landing area was so rough I parted company with the bike and rolled over about a dozen times. After ten minutes of trying to get up, I realised that limping home was a non-starter.

Somehow my screams were heard by a group of cyclists who had chosen the sensible route up the hill. Luckier still, my rescuer turned out to be a first aider with a mobile phone! (thanks Andy from Shanklin, I really owe you). Within half an hour, the ambulance arrived at St Mary’s, where X-rays revealed the hip joint dislocated and fractured in several places. It meant two operations, eight titanium pins and a five week stay in hospital and traction. I am now on crutches and will not be able to bike anywhere until July.

Without a helmet (it broke into three pieces), things would have been even more drastic. Damage to the bike - one of the bar ends slipped! Anyway, that’s enough moaning. Hopefully, I’ll be back in a month. You’ll easily spot me - about 100 yards adrift at the rear of the group.

Dave Stratford

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