Celia Steven and family to visit Japan in September 2013

Celia Steven, Thomas Steven and Sian Selby will be visiting japan on the 21st of September 2013, three generations and decendants of Mr Henry Merryweather.They will be welcomed to Obuse, the town where Mr Arai first introduced the Bramley Apple with the help of the Royal Horticurtual Society.

A section of the itinerary:

Staying in Obuse from September 22 to 25, three nights four days.
September 22 - To be met at Narita Airport and go to Obuse by car.  
September 23 - A Welcoming reception followed by a trip to the Bramley Fair and going to some restaurants and shops, and a sightseeing trip of Obuse-town.
September 24 - Visit Matsumoto-jo Castle in Matsumoto city, about one-hour-drive from Obuse.
September 25 - A cultural exchange with elementary school children where a Commemorative Bramley tree-planting will take place.

There will also be a trip to Tokyo, were Mr Aria will be honouring us with an Annual Bramley luncheon. We will also be attending the Tokyo Bramley Apple fair.

Below is a picture from the Bramley fan Club....

Much more information and photos to follow just after New Year..