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While out on the trails in our local wood my mate and I spotted a nice little down hill single track, so decided to have a look. When we got near the bottom the tack turned into sort of staggered x- road with an incline that if taken at good speed you could possibly clear the fire road and land on the opposite single track.

So we cycled back up the hill to give it a go, my mate went first with me close behind, but not to close, well I didnít want to miss anything did I ! As Iím usually the insane one I just somehow knew this is not going to work out to well.With good speed at touching 25mph he hit the incline and got good air but did not have a good line to meet the opposite single track. As he cried Oh ***t! and ended up nose-diving into a ditch that was unnoticed when we viewed this section. I grabbed large handfulís of brake and managed to stop on the fire road.

I looked round to see him on the ground obviously in agony screaming all sorts of abusive language at the ground. Trying my hardest not to laugh, a man shouted out to me I wished I taken a video of that, it would easily have won me 200 Quid on YOU'VE BEEN FRAMED. After I'd calmed myself down from the laughing fit I asked how he was. Still on the ground and holding his shoulder but trying not to laugh too much I calmly said to him, "hmmm, not good your front wheel is touching your down tube and it looks like you will need new forks. **** the bike he shouted my shoulder and head are killing me. He managed to walk the short distance home, where I left him in the capable arms of his loving wife who was very understanding!

I phoned him the next morning to so how he was. His wife said he has been to the Doc's and has mild concussion and sprained shoulder muscle, and his helmet has a big split down the side. I replied "I did say to him I would'nt try that if I were you, BYE".

Dave Hunt, Southampton.

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