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Mud! What's that?

Having been interested in cycling for several years and my roots being well and truly established riding a racing bike on that black tarmac stuff, I always vowed “You won’t catch me on one of them new fangled mountain bikes; too heavy and too much like hard work”.

“Take one of these for a spin”, the salesman said with a glint in his eye. Five minutes later I was riding round Ventnor on a Marin Palisades Trail; five days later and I had bought one!

One year later, after several months of non-use, the racing bike was sold and the now in favour Palisades Trail was traded in for a Pine Mountain. What a great bike this was, “I’ll just wait a few weeks before I take it off-road. It will be a shame to get it dirty too soon”, I thought to myself. One year later it had still not left the safe confines of the road and I was almost running out of excuses until...

Another trade-in saw me riding out from Extreme Cycles on a Team Titanium. Apparently there’s a waiting list of people waiting for me trade this one in! But I can assure you, this time they will have a long wait and you never know, one day when its not too wet or too cold or too muddy or too dry and dusty, you may see me out on a club ride. Now where did I put that polish...?

Andy Steedman

If you have an amusing story, be it a wipeout, a holiday, or a ride write-up, please contact fun@extremists.co.uk

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