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Off Road Randonee Route

Updated to include map extracts - 8th March 2005

This route around the Island is designed specifically for mountain bike users of varying ability. It's designed to be covered by the fittest of riders in one day or in two days for one of a lesser ability. This would be ideal for a weekend visitor for instance.

If starting form Yarmouth, the ideal overnight stay would be half way round in Shanklin or Sandown. There is a short cut option for those who cannot manage the whole route in one go.

There are easy entry points from the Yarmouth and Fishbourne ferries. Maximum use is made of the Island's bridleway network. In fact over 90% of the route is off road.

Let us have your comments if you try it!

Off Road Randoneee Route

For further information, please contact randonee@extremists.co.uk